Coaches 2023-2024, Representative (Rep) (Central York Girls Hockey Association)

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The Central York Panthers are pleased to announce the following Panther coaches for the 2023-2024 season.


U22 AA  Head coach: Steve Dempsey   [email protected]
U18 AA  Head coach: Steve Dempsey  [email protected]
U18 A

 Head coach: David Heath

 [email protected]

U18 A/BB *

 Head coach: Jeffrey Murphy

 [email protected]

U18 BB

 Head coach: Lee Green

 [email protected]

U18 B

 Head coach: John Hartley

 [email protected]

U15 AA  Head coach: Sarah Stewart  [email protected]
U15 A  Head coach: Christine Dafoe

 [email protected]

U15 BB  Head coach: Tom Vrabel

 [email protected]

U13 AA  Head coach: John Stolys  [email protected]
U13 A

 Head coach: James Thornley

 [email protected]

U13 BB

 Head coach: Duncan Vernon

 [email protected]

U13 B
 Head coach: Mike Major  [email protected]
U11 AA  Head coach: Mike MacGillivray  [email protected]
U11 A

 Head coach: Christine Bailkowski

 [email protected]

U11 BB  Head coach: Darcy Anderson
 [email protected]
U9 A  Co-coach: Lucas Madill
 Co-coach: Christine Hartnoll
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

If you have questions about the 23/24 teams or coaches please contact Chris Buckley at [email protected]