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While the 2019-20 hockey season was forced to come to an abrupt ending due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Junior Panthers had a great idea to keep Panthers positive and to help get everyone ready for next season.  

This page was created for all Panther players and teams to view and contribute videos showing what your fellow Panthers are doing to stay active while being safe and practicing physical distancing.  Check back to this page frequently to see new videos being posted!


One positive of physical distancing is the opportunity for players of all ages and abilities to focus on improving away from the rink.  Off-ice training is a very important component of player development and some might even say that without it we can never fully realize our true potential.  Working on your skills away from the rink will allow you to focus on your bio-motor abilities (speed, power, strength, flexibility, conditioning, hand eye coordination, etc) that will enhance your on-ice skills when you get back to the rink.


We encourage all Panthers to share a short video of their workouts and we will post them on this page.  Show us how you are working on your speed, power, strength, puck control skills, shooting, trick shots, etc.  Please send videos to [email protected] and we'll post them as soon as we can.


Our Junior Panthers are looking for new ways to stay strong during these challenging times while having fun connecting with their teammates. They have started doing a push up challenge. The first push up that they are working on is a Russian Push Up. It is very challenging and some have said that it is the hardest push up they have ever done. Check out Abby Warriner's video below doing some Russian Push Ups. Set weekly goals for yourself and connect with your fellow Panthers and start your own challenge.

Added June 9

Junior Panthers: Alexa, Kaitlyn, and Ava : Scoring a BACKHAND lacrosse-style goal
Novice Panther: Mikaela Kearns : Stickhandling
Mackenna Terrey: Goaltending Drills

Added May 25, 2020

Sarah Martin - Atom AA - Panthers At Home
Junior Panthers: Alexa, Kaitlyn, and Ava : Scoring a lacrosse-style goal
Dafoe Family - Lacrosse-style goals

Added May 17, 2020

Breanna Cotgrave - Trick Shot!
Abby Warriner - Russian Push-Ups!
Kaia Higgins - Atom AA - #PanthersAtHome
Jordan and Jaiden Plavins - #PanthersAtHome

Added May 8, 2020

Alexa Giantsopoulos - Awesome Tricks!
Claire Scholl - Awesome Tricks!
Jordanna Connors - One-of-a-kind Trickshot!

Added May 7, 2020

Abby Warriner - Trickshot Challenge

Added May 4, 2020

Kaitlyn McKnight - Trickshot Challenge (Part 2 - Car Window)
Elle DeSilva - Trickshot Challenge ( Head-shot! )
Atom BB - Pass the Roll!

Added April 29, 2020

Elle DeSilva (Atom A) working on changing the angle of her shot

Added April 19, 2020
Brittany Crago - Head Coach Midget AA 2020-2021
Abby Warriner
Lauren Schell
Claire Scholl
Alexa Giantsopoulos
Kaitlyn McKnight
Jordanna Connors
Mackenzie Keenan
Atom AA 2019-2020 Toilet Paper Challenge

June 9, 2020

May 25, 2020

May 17, 2020

May 8, 2020

May 7, 2020

May 4, 2020

April 29, 2020

April 19, 2020

Atom AA Toilet Paper Challenge