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CYGHA Coach Mentorship Program
Welcome Coaches!

The Coach Mentorship Program is an integral piece of the overall vision of Panther Coach and Player Development.  The goal of this program is to aid in the development of hockey coaches across the association.  We will look to develop the highest quality of coaching through a culture of collaboration, growth, development, and lifelong learning.  This will help us be successful in meeting the CYGHA Mission of providing the best experience for our players and coaches at all levels of play.

The mentorship program will include:

1. Coach Mentor – This position will lead this program through the sharing of resources; providing emotional support, guidance and advice; group and one on one interactions; and coaching clinics.  Our aim is to help keep our coaches current and adaptable to the changes in the game.  The coach mentor will not just focus on tactics but will also help coaches learn to reflect critically on their own performance and adapt their behaviour to improve performance.

2. Peer to Peer Mentorship – The Coach Mentor will oversee this aspect whereby coaches will be working together to share knowledge and resources.  Head coaches will look for opportunities to help develop assistant coaches so that there is a transference of knowledge throughout the association and by helping them to develop the skills so that they are capable of being a Head Coach in the coming years.

3. Combined Practices – Not only will our coaches be getting mentorship, but our players will as well.  Rep Teams will have assigned practices where players from younger age groups and different skill levels will participate in combined practices.  House League teams will have regular shared practices with different teams.  This will allow for all of our players from Novice to Midget to be exposed to mentorship and development opportunities by skating with their peers.

4. Skill Development - The coach mentor will also lead the rep skill development component of the CYGHA Player Development Program.  It is important for all coaches to participate in this program so they can bring new drills and skills to their own practices.  House League coaches are also welcome to join, subject to availability.  This allows for a synergy that will maximize the clarity of the vision for the entire program.

Go Panthers Go
Steve Dempsey - Coach Mentor

CYGHA Skills Development Rubric
The cornerstone to the entire development program is the concept of providing each coach with the appropriate skills and tactics players need to be proficient at, for each age group and level.  

The coach mentor has developed skills rubrics that should be used by coaches to ensure key areas are addressed at each age group.

The rubrics can be found at the link below.  This page is password protected.  Please contact [email protected] to get access.

Skills Rubrics

CYGHA Drill Library

In order to deliver the skills needed at each level, the CYGHA has prepared practice plans and drills for coaches as a starting point to their season planning.  Many drills can be found in the Hockey Canada Network app.  See the links below for additional resources.