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Scholarships and Awards

CYGHA Memorial Scholarship
Sylvia Claydon Volunteer Of The Year Award


CYGHA Memorial Scholarship


In Memory of CYGHA Members whose contributions have enhanced the Hockey experience of many. 

Dawn Bailey, Sylvia Claydon, Mike Shields, Sarah Stevenson

Two $1000 scholarships will be awarded annually to one House League and one Rep athlete that demonstrate outstanding service to their community and to the CYGHA.


- Proof of College/University acceptance/enrolment
- One page essay describing what the award would mean to you
- Reference letter(s) - OPTIONAL


Click the link below to apply for the scholarship.
Before you begin, please ensure you have all required documentation in PDF format.
Electronic submissions only.



2022-2023 RECIPIENTS

  Mary Calleja
Katherine Yates


Sylvia Claydon Volunteer of the Year

The Sylvia Claydon Memorial committee is proud to sponsor and present this award each year to individuals that have given of themselves tireless hours all in the name of girls hockey.

Sylvia was a longtime volunteer & extremely dedicated personality within the Aurora Panthers/CYGHA organization just as our recipients have been and we are privileged to honour them in her name.  All too often, the measurement of success in minor hockey is simplified to what the results are on the ice or at the end of a game. The Sylvia Claydon Memorial committee believes a greater success can be measured by the overall hockey association and its members.

The sheer size, success and respect that the CYGHA / Aurora Panthers organization has grown to be is as a direct result of its members and more importantly its volunteers. Without these volunteers, the CYGHA & Aurora Panthers would not be as strong as it is today.  As a gesture of recognition and appreciation, the Executive discusses and names our recipients as CYGHA volunteers of the year annually.

The Award Plaques are permanently on display in the lobby of the Stronach Aurora Recreation Centre.

CYGHA HOUSE LEAGUE Volunteer of the Year

2022-23 - Andrew Welburn
2021-22 - Matthew Smith
2020-21 - Tracey Cole
2019-20 - Trish Murphy
2018-19 - Purcell Family
2017-18 - Ruthanne and Craig Campbell
2016-17 - Melanie Hutchinson
2015-16 - Scott Sillcox
2014-15 - Michele Work
2013-14 - Kevin Hunter
2012-13 - Christina Kerr
2011-12 - Janet Herrington
2010-11 - Gary Tobin
2009-2010 - Mike Shields
2008-09 - Bruce Bennett
2007-08 - John Abel
2006-07 - Cindy Butcher
2005-06 - Katie Williams

CYGHA REP Volunteer of the Year

2022-23 Ryan Essex
2021-22 - John Stolys
2020-21 - Chris Buckley
2019-20 - Lisa Lunney
2018-19 - Mike Reier and Christine Bailkowski
2017-18 - Mark Dubeau
2016-17 - Sheri Moody
2015-16 - Tim Wasley
2014-15 - Brenda Anderson
2013-14 - Dan Donovan
2012-13 - Jeanne Martin
2011-12 - Justin Herrington
2010-11 - Wes Jarvis
2009-10 - Greg Getty
2008-09 - Jeff Joslin
2007-08 - Rick Smith
2006-07 - Alf Shilter
2005-06 - Michele Mudie



Dawn Bailey Memorial Fund
Sylvia Claydon Memorial Fund

Dawn Bailey Memorial Fund

The Scholarship program was established in memory of Dawn Bailey, who was a long time player, coach and volunteer with the Central York Girls Hockey Association.   Dawn was a terrific hockey player but also spent many hours in coaching, mentoring and helping both young and old with their hockey skills. 

A scholarship has been established to honour and remember Dawn’s contribution to the CYGHA and girls minor hockey and will support a deserving CYGHA House League member to further their post secondary education.  

This scholarship has been replaced by the CYGHA Memorial Scholarship.

House League Player Scholarship Recipients

2022-23  Mary Calleja - Queen's University

2021-22  Hannah Smith - University of Toronto

2020-21  Carissa LeRoux - York University

2019-20  Elizabeth Jung - University of Waterloo

2018 - 19 Madeline Harrison - University of Guelph

2017-18      Chiara Carinci - Laurier University

2016-17     Erin Myers - Laurentian University

2015-16     Christina Vasiliou - University of Toronto

2014-15     Lauren Hjelholt - Brock University

2013-14     Katherine Gatzos - University of Guelph

2012-13     Katie Hullah - University of Western Ontario


Sylvia Claydon Memorial Fund

This memorial fund has been set up to honor the legacy of our Peewee A Coach, trainer, mentor, friend, wife and mother, Sylvia Claydon.  It has been established by her friends and family to ensure that her legacy to promote leadership and youth through sports and Christian lifestyle will live on.   

This scholarship has been replaced by the CYGHA Memorial Scholarship.

Rep Player Award Recipients

2022-23  Katherine Yates - University of Guelph - U18 BB

2021-22 - Kaitlyn McKnight - University of Toronto - Junior Panthers

2020-21 - Abby Warriner - University of Guelph - Junior Panthers

2019-20 - Valerie McColl - University of Western
- Midget BB

2018-19 - Jenna Campbell - Laurier University - Midget A

2017 - 18 - Hannah Warriner - Midget A

2016 - 17 - Thia Walters - Midget BB

2015-16 - Leah Dubeau - Queen's University - Midget AA

Laura Duncan - Midget House League and DS

Tayler Gorman - Midget House League and DS

Casey Pfenning - Midget House League and DS

2014-15 - Lauren Anderson - Midget A

2013-14 Taylor Plume - Aurora Junior Panthers

2012-13 Heather Tillsley - Aurora Junior Panthers

2011-12 Megan McBride - Aurora Panthers Alumni

2010-11  Mary Frances Getty - Aurora Panthers Midget AA

2009-10  Leslie Jarvis - Aurora Junior Panthers


Brianna Rawson - Aurora Junior Panthers

Kiely Barnett - Aurora Junior Panthers

Alana Smith - Aurora Junior Panthers

Jamie Joslin - Aurora Junior Panthers


Mackenzie Higgs - Midget AA Panthers

Annemarie Lewis - Aurora Junior Panthers


Amanda McBride - Aurora Junior Panthers

Melanie McKnight - Aurora Junior Panthers