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Central York Panthers - U13 A - 2021-2022


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Congratulations to our newest U13A Panthers!!



Welcome to U13A


My name is Steve Dempsey and I will be the Head Coach of this years U13A team. I am so excited to announce that Jenny Cooper will be our Associate Coach this year. Jenny and I are very excited to be back in the rinks again and looking forward to coaching your daughters this year. We realize that these are tumultuous times and we are not completely certain how this season will look. However in order to plan out our season we have assumed that we will get to play throughout this fall/winter. If the circumstances change then we will adjust our yearly plan and make very attempt to make this a great season for the players.


U13A Program Overview

Panthers High Performance


Central York has developed the Panthers High Performance program for hockey players competing at the highest levels.  While U13A is not formally part of this program we are working closely with the U13AA coaches to make sure that any players that are interested in being a part of this program get every opportunity to join the U13AA group at practices and games when the opportunity presents itself. Our program will have many similarities and we will make sure that we combine player development with fun to make this a great season.  We will be working with the Panthers coaches at higher levels to ensure our development plans this year align with future programming to create a pathway for players to excel in their development with the Panthers.

Our program is built on the principles Hockey Canada’s Long-Term Player Develop expectations including core skills matrices and developmental progression.  These guidelines have been expanded and detailed for the Panthers High Performance program.


To broaden our approach for the development of our players we are considering the following four broad development areas, with examples of the topics under each area shown below:


U13A Development Areas


As a starting point, we will be speaking with former Panther coaches and building an individual plan for each of the players once we have had an opportunity to evaluate the players current abilities and decide on the next steps in their development. We want to help your daughters not only grow as players but more importantly grow as people. We will update these documents as the year progresses and have coach/player meetings to discuss the key points. 

To involve the players in this process, they will complete self-assessments and participate in the setting of development goals for the short term and long term.


As we focus on individual development, we will also be building a team that has fun and building friendships at its core. We will look to use hockey as a medium to develop life skills and not just hockey skills.




With COVID there are no certainties but we are planning for the following in our upcoming season:


  • Team Practices – Expect at least two per week (days to be determined but it looks like Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Call-up Practices to Upper Teams
  • Association Development Sessions
  • Exhibition and Season Games (usually on weekends)
  • Tournaments (Planning on at least two tournaments but maybe more, this will discussed with the parent group once the team is finalized)
  • Playoffs and Provincials


We will also host some team social events and participate in community / charity activities.


For the upcoming season we will have certain expectations for the players:

  • Being a good teammate - inclusive, supportive, team first, respectful to players/coaches/staff
  • Bringing a positive attitude - being good to yourself and your teammates, having a growth mindset
  • Giving your best effort all of the time, being focused, prepared, very high compete level, strong work ethic
  • Being accountable to your teammates/coaches/yourself

We also ask that the parents help with the success of our season by looking to contribute in these areas(this is not an a complete list but rather an example of what we feel will help to make this a great season):

  • Being supportive through positive reinforcement of all players efforts
  • Being positive when communicating with their daughters or others highlighting the strengths in their game and personalities
  • Building positive relationships within the parent group
  • Supporting the coaches thru similar messaging when away from the rink 
  • Always looking for ways to support the U13A program and the Association in general




The U13A program will include the dedicated efforts of the full-time coaching staff plus the assistance from guest coaches on an occasional basis.


The U13A coaching staff profiles are posted under the Representative drop-down on this webpage and at this link:


U13A Coaches

Updates will be made as staff are added to our roster.




A team budget will be developed following tryouts and presented at a team parent meeting.  The estimated cost of the program is $3,000 per player (including the $675 registration fee already paid).  Any sponsorship or fundraising organized by the team could reduce this amount or allow for additional programming. These fees cover costs including but not limited to ice time, referees, timekeepers, tournament entries, additional ice/clinics and team administration.  Non-parent coaches are not paid for their time however, tournament hotel expenses will be covered by the team budget. 


Player fees do not include tournament travel expenses (meals/hotels) for the players and families.  Some Panther apparel is provided with the association fees and additional Panther apparel items will be at additional cost.



Steve Dempsey                                              Jenny Cooper

[email protected]                             [email protected]

416 550 7779                                               416 909 7632


Thank you


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