Season Structure (Central York Girls Hockey Association)

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Season  Structure 2023-2024


Exhibition Games

Sept 17 - Sept 24 | 2 Games

Meet your teammates and get warmed up and ready for the regular season.

Regular Season Games

Oct 15 - Feb 11 | 14 Games

The results and stats of each of these games will determine the quarterfinal team placements. (HINT: Penalty minutes will play a key role!)

Playoff Games

Feb 25 - Mar 24 | 3 Games

The final series of games will be played in an elimination-style series of playoffs.

In the event of a tie, all playoff games (excluding consolation games) must go to a shoot-out. Three (3) shooters will be documented by the timekeeper before each game begins. A shooter will be disqualified if they are serving a penalty at the end of regulation time. The first two shooters from opposing teams will take their first shot simultaneously, starting at centre ice. When all three shooters have taken one shot, and if the score is still tied, two more players from opposing teams will take the next shots in the same manner until the tie is broken (sudden death). No shooter may shoot for a second time until all players on their team have taken their first shot.

Quarterfinal Games | Feb 25

Game 1: 1st Place Team vs 6th Place Team
Game 2: 2nd Place Team vs 5th Place Team
Game 3: 3rd Place Team vs 4th Place Team

Team placements in the quarterfinals will be determined by the results of all regular season games, and will be determined by the following factors in this order:

1.most points
two (2) points for a game win
one (1) point for a game tie
zero (0) points for a game loss or forfeiture of game (See Rules)

2.greatest number of wins

3.highest goal differential

4.fewest penalty minutes

5.coin toss

Semifinal Games | Mar 3

Team placements in the semifinal games will be determined by the results of quarterfinal games.

Game 1: Game 1 Winner vs Wildcard*
Game 2: Game 2 Winner vs Game 3 Winner
Game 3 (consolation game): Other Loser vs Other Loser

* The Wildcard team will be determined by the following factors in this order:

1.Lost in the quarterfinals.

2.Fewest penalty minutes in the regular season and in the quarterfinals.

3.Greatest number of regular season wins.

4.Coin toss.

Final Games | Mar 24

Team placements in the final game will be determined by the results of semi-final games.

Game 1: Game 1 Winner vs Game 2 Winner
Game 2 (consolation game): Loser** vs Other Loser**
Game 3 (consolation game): Other Loser** vs Other Loser**

** Team placements for the consolation games will be chosen at random by the CYGHA Womens League VP or their delegate.

The winner of Game 1 of the final games will reign supreme.