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2022-2023 House League Playoff Banquet Information, and Queen of the House

2022-2023 House League Playoffs - U11 to U18

1. Each team plays the teams in their division once.
2. All games are 10/ 10/ 12 minute stop time.
3. Game curfews at discretion of the officials. 
4. No overtime will be played except in championship games.
5. Two (2) points for a win; One (1) point for a tie; Zero (0) points for a loss.
a. In the event of a default, the team which is not in default receives two (2) points and a 1-0 win, recorded in their favour. 
b. In the event of a game cancellation due to inclement weather, a score of 0 – 0 will be recorded.
6. In the event of a tie at the end of the round robin, the following format will be used to determine the standings of the teams for Championship weekend.
a. Number of wins
b. Goals for, minus goals against (subject to a maximum spread of 5 goals in any one game)
c. Fewest goals allowed in round robin play (total GA subject to a max spread of 5 goals in any one game)
d. Most periods won in round robin play 
e. Fewest penalty minutes
*Note U9 does not have a playoff format and continues in regular season until March 25.

House League Championship Day - Saturday March 25, 2023: U9 to U18

The playoffs will determine the standings for Championship weekend whereby the first and second placed team will play each other to determine the division champion. All U9-U18 teams will have at least one game on Champ Day.

Championship Games Only: 
a. 5-minute sudden death overtime with 4 skaters a side.
b. If still tied after 5 minutes, proceed to 3 player shoot out.
i. Shooters will shoot alternately starting with lower ranked team from the playoff standings and team with most goals after 3 shooters will be the winner.
ii. If still tied, the shootout will continue in a Sudden Death format. The first team to score without the other team scoring will be the winner.
iii. No player may shoot twice until all players have had the opportunity to shoot.

A reminder to review the House League Policies documents to ensure you are aware of all the rules.


House League Year End Banquets:
March 26 -ACC Auditorium
U15/18  – between 3pm – 9pm, exact time TBD 

March 27- Air Riders-Aurora
Cubs - 5pm – 6pm Jump   6pm – 7pm Party room
U9 – 6pm-7pm Jump   7pm – 8pm Party Room

March 28-Air Riders-Aurora
U11 -  6pm-7pm Jump   7pm – 8pm Party Room
U13 – 7pm – 8pm Jump – 8pm – 9pm Party Room

Queen of the House Tournament - April 15/16th

Central York Girls Hockey Association, along with Whitby, Oakville and Burlington, are hosting the 6th Annual (not run during COVID) Mike Shield’s Memorial Queen of the House tournament, for house league champions from across the GTA.

The Tournament will be held over two days - April 15/16, 2023.  Each Association, will host one division: 

Oakville – U11
Whitby – U13
Burlington – U15
Central York – U18/22.

This is a single elimination tournament with one game on Saturday and semi finals and finals on Sunday.

  Tournament Rules